Cexco, a consortium composed of several national and foreign engineering companies structured for the expansion of the handling capacity of a large coal mine in the North of Colombia.

Construcciones Civiles S.A., one of the main civil engineering companies in Colombia.

Construtora Norberto Odebrecht S.A., a Brazilian civil engineering company that develops activities in Colombia.

Global Securities Inc., a US finance intermediation firm with dynamic presence in Colombia.

Inversiones Marítimas Universales S.A., shipping company with leading presence in Colombia.

Pasar Express S.A., exclusive representative of Federal Express in Colombia.

Philip Morris de Colombia S.A., the main mass consumer products company of the world, including Marlboro, Kraft Foods and Nabisco Brands.

R.C. Corporate Consultants Ltda., ., the local office of N.M. Rothschild.

Red Colombia S.A., a company in the sector of information technology and systems.

Restcafé OMA S.A.the company with the leading brand in coffee sales to the public in Colombia.

Schrader Camargo Ingenieros Asociados S.A., the leading company in Colombia in the areas of electric and mechanical engineering.

Sumatoria S.A., a private equity, merchant banking and financial consulting firm.

UT Termocol, a consortium of several national and international engineering companies specializing in the construction and assembly of large engineering projects.